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The Education Chapter of BIG is located in Region Eleven (RXI), which includes DC, MD, and VA. Check out what’s happening across RXI.



We are embarking on challenging times that require that we step up to the plate. In addition to being chapter president, as many of you know, I am also National First Vice President. My national duties of expanding awareness of EEO issues and developing initiatives and programs that promote the status of federal workers falls directly in line with my responsibilities as Chapter President. In addition, there is no loss of sight in regards to Professional Development and World-Class Training. In order for BIG members to move up in their professional endeavors, we must undergo serious professional development and training. Furthermore, we cannot and should not wait for the annual National Training Institute that is scheduled for August 22-25. This is a fundamental mistake, Moreover, we should not wait for anyone to do for us what we are unwilling to do for ourselves. Another fundamental mistake. Become a BIG member and assist with the professional development and mentoring of others. Join BIG and invest in your future. Those of us who refuse to invest in our own training will find that we will be left behind. Those of us who refuse to reach out to others will soon find that no one will be willing to help up when we need it most. Join BIG now and together we are stronger. That is my charge to you. Find an area that excites you most. Get on a committee where you can display your talents. Become an elected officer and help lead the way. DO NOT SIT IN THE STANDS and just shout. I know this sounds quirky, but to paraphrase President Kennedy, Don’t ask what BIG can do for you, ask WHAT CAN I DO FOR BIG.

Professional Development and Opportunity

Advocacy and Awareness

Giving Back

Equal Opportunity in the Workplace

The U.S. Department of Education Chapter of BIG Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Chapter meetings will be held alternately in PCP and FB6 locations with a Conference Call # available.

Next meeting April 11

Let’s Welcome Democracy Federal Credit Union.

 The time of the meetings will be from 12:00 to 1:00 unless otherwise notified.

Room locations: LBJ TDC

Conference #: 1-877-448-3136

PC: 2115810

1. To be an advocate of equal opportunity for Blacks in government.

2. To eliminate practices of racism and racial discrimination against Blacks in government.

3. To promote professionalism among Blacks in government.

4. To develop and promote programs which will enhance ethnic pride and educational opportunities for Blacks in government.

5. To establish a mechanism for the gathering and dissemination of information to Blacks in government.

6. To provide a nonpartisan platform on major issues of local, regional, and national significance that affect Blacks in government.


To truly understand BIG as a national organization, and what my vision is as Chapter President, we need to start with a little history.

Remember the past…

…or be doomed to repeat it.

Blacks In Government® (BIG) was established in 1975 and incorporated in 1976 by a small group of African Americans at the Public Health Services of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in the Parklawn building in Rockville, Maryland. After initially thinking the national organization would address only the problems at the Federal level, it soon became apparent that State, County, and Municipal Black employees were faced the similar wide assortment of racially motivated problems in the workplace. BIG, as a national organization was incorporated in 1976 and continues to responds to the needs of African Americans in the public service. (Click here to continue)

 Click here for 10 Good Reasons to Join ED-BIG.

Current Chapter Officers




Jesse Sharpe


Gwendolyn Washington


Denise Jefferson


Mary Williams


Gary Jones

Membership Committee Chair

Karen Holliday

Other Positions

2017 BIG STEM & Oratorical Competition



STEM Theme: Exploring the Capability of Robotics Engineering

Oratorical Theme: Uniting the Blue Divide: What Can Young People Do to Improve the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Their Communities

The STEM and Oratorical Competition is open to students in 9-12 grade. Spread the Word to family, friends and co-workers. The competition will be held May 25th at Dept. Of Education. 400 Maryland Ave. SW DC..

Click here for more information and entry forms.

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2016 Oratorical Competition

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